Business & Personal Branding Photography Sessions at Highfield Park, Hook, Hampshire RG27 OLG on the 25th of October 2021



Are you a local business in Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire and want to create images that really make your business have that polished edge, to help your business stand out?

We would love to help you make a visual story of your business and understand that you need to stand out from the crowd!!

Book your  Business & Personal Branding Photography Session at Highfield Park, Hook, Hampshire on the 25th of October 2021 where we can take advantage of their lovely grounds and rooms to create some fresh photos for professionals, creators & entrepreneurs – everyone has a story to tell. After lockdown many people are wanting a new revamped look for their social media presence so we think this is a brilliant opportunity for individuals but also it will help us build our business branding portfolios. Our hope is that we will be able to do this on a regular basis.

The cost for your 1 hour photo shoot costs £150 and includes 10 images, if you would like to have your hair and make up done this will cost £100 per person.

We would love to use your images on our website and social media, it would be amazing if you can also send us a video testimonial afterwards. We would also love it if you could post some good reviews/ share our posts and tag us etc!

So….What are the next steps to creating your new photographs?

These next steps are a guide to how we work to help you do this:

Step One:

The most important aspect of planning your shoot is to know more about you, in advance of your shoot we will send you the following questions so we can create your story and plan your shoot:

  1. Tell us about your business
  2. What services do you offer?
  3. What would you like in a photographer?
  4. Do you need any photos for social media and content ideas?
  5. Do you have any props you would like to use?
  6. Do you need any other shots for your business or website?
  7. Where are you going to use the photos?
  8. Do you know what you would like to wear in the photos?

When taking personal branding images, we also need to think about we want your head shots to be genuine – what we mean by this is we take a shot of who you are with good lighting and light retouching only.  We want the photo to look like you!

What lighting/background you would like is key to getting a good profile photo. We can do a variety on the shoot and we can suggest some locations if we choose that option.
Above is my task but to work with you to find out what you like and then I can make a plan for the shoot.

To appear genuine it’s about the expression – looking amazing and stylish. The location and background will be important to reflect your job.  Are your customers going to be meet you in a suit or jeans and t-shirt?  What you wear in the photos should be in the style of how your customers are going to work with you.

We need to answer this question for you in your headshots – I would hire you because…?

Step Two:

We have discussed what you would like, where we are going to take the photographs then all you to decide is what to wear!

You want to be your customers to see you as the best version of yourself, so think about the clothes that make you feel and look your best, and also what you want people to think about you. Do you want to come across as creative? Fun? Easy-going? Professional?

  • SOLID COLOURS work well with pops of colour.
  • CONSIDER YOUR COLOUR SCHEME AT FOR YOUR BRAND, for example if your website is decorated white then keep the colours light not dark.
  • PLAN FOR THE WEATHER if you are planning a shoot outside in the Spring think about your coat and accessories, we can always whisk it off for the photos!
  • TRY YOUR CLOTHES ON before the day and make sure you are happy with them!  Maybe look at them in front of a mirror from different angles to see how they look.

Colour can make a real statement and be really eye-catching in a portrait and really make your photo, pop! Always try on your outfits before you come and please feel free to send over your ideas before so we can discuss what you would like.

Step Three:

Do you have any products that need showcasing?

If so, bring them along and we can incorporate them into your images.  For business style images it’s always great to have a laptop, phone, notebook or anything you would usually have whilst you are working. Or if your image is more of a lifestyle look perhaps, we add a cup of coffee on the terrace…!

We are here to help you so please feel free to ask us as many questions as you want!




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